Birthday Bouquet

basket of flowers

It was my mother’s birthday this weekend, so after obligatory cake breakfast, we headed out to a gorgeous garden center called Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal to get some flowers for the garden. They had a pick-your-own garden, for both vegetables and for flowers. And what better excuse for picking your own bouquet than for a birthday!

pick your own
fuschia dahlia

I was tempted to buy these polka beetroots which are striped inside. They are beautiful especially when cut in slim slices, but I don’t really pickle things so would have no use for them. And boiling beetroot is a bit of a pain. The piles of pumpkins made me long for Halloween. I hope there will be the same craze for dressing up at parties in Sweden. We’ll soon find out!

vegetable stand
pumpkins in crate
beans and beetroot
This. was. the. best. thing. A hanging day bed in the middle of the field by a small coffee shop. If it wasn’t for a kid literally bawling their eyes out after realising their “swing” was occupied by two adult women having a lie down, I would have easily stayed there all day. I instantly reported to my dad, the carpenting fanatic, that we need one of these for our family’s summer house. I have been requesting frequent updates to ensure that this happens! It was so dreamy, it’s a shame the photos don’t really translate as I was perched awkwardly across a couple having coffee and staring straight at me! Thus the incredibly awkward face I was pulling 😀
hanging day bedhanging day bedfields of flowers
In silk dress with heart print and vintage skeleton key on chain.
field of flowers
Mother in flower field
The birthday girl in cute polkadot tights
field of flowers
mother and me with flowers

Two happy ladies about to have lunch at the resturant in the general garden center area. (Vegan morrocan tomato soup, it was epic) I will have to make another post just about the remainder of the centre as it could get a bit intense with the amount of floral shots I like to take! 

floral basket

View the website for Slottsträdgården in Ulrikdal here

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