When I lived in England I began writing letters to my little nephew, trying to maintain contact despite the 1496 kilometer stretch between our front doors. He happily returned the favour sending back lovely drawings, pictures and letters translated by my sister-in-law. It reminds me of when me and my best friend were growing up on different continents and used to be penpals. It was so nice to catch up in such a personal and creative way.  
Amazing hand drawn (!) love letters on Terrain via Fieldguided
I like the idea of handwritten letters and like when Sandra from niotillfem encourages her readers to find a penpal in the comment section of her blog. To be honest, while I love receiving letters, I always get a bit anxious when it comes to writing back. I’ve often put off things I enjoy doing because I worry it won’t turn out as I plan, or it won’t be good enough. Being penpals with my nephew has been helpful in that way. He’s only a kid still, so my mistakes or bad drawings won’t be noticed by him. He just likes getting a letter. Who doesn’t? 

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