Admittedly this is a while back now, but in April I turned 25, a big one in my eyes. It has definitely come with a minor quarter-life crisis, but I’ve slowly been getting a grip again. I remind myself that age is just a number, people start over all the time and that grown ups don’t ever have to grow up completely!

I found this message on my ice cream stick on my birthday and freaked a bit. It says “BIRTHDAY 25”. Turns out Magnum turned 25 this year too, but how random to discover it like that! Shameful really, I clearly need to eat ice cream more often! 

My favorite gift was probably this silver sequined skirt, which was an obvious choice for my evening attire! It’s really comfortable and I like how it’s almost subtle enough for some daytime sparkle. Like I ever worry about that though!  My mom also found lots of sweet hair accessories like this floral headband, which sorts out any bad hair day.

Disa, my brother’s cat and my resistant BFF (best furry friend), was a big part of the big day, and for once participated rather nicely in this mini photoshoot. I’m hoping to do a proper room tour eventually,  but you get a bit of a feel for the room renovation from the background in these pictures too. I just want an excuse to show off thrifted knick knacks really :)

The key to her heart is to let her look at/sniff things she can’t reach; easy lovin’!
Can we please pretend this isn’t how I spend most of my days?
Who wouldn’t stare at this cutie?
Usually I get nothing back… she’s a cold hearted b*tch but I still love her

I definitely had a great birthday. although it was odd to celebrate it away from my friends in England and the typical fancy dress/big house party/gross club scenario. To be honest I didn’t get much time to contemplate that as I was having such a good time celebrating with my Stockholm friends! I also went to the UK soon after and more than made up for anything I might have missed that night. 

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