Renovation Progress

When I moved back home, my family decided it was time to give my old room an update to go with the fresh start I was making. Neither my parents nor I wanted me to regress to my teenage self (oh the moodswings!), so having a room that reflected who I am now, rather than 10 years ago felt important. It was quite cathartic to have time to focus on clearing my room out of old things. I have always been quite the hoarder collector of various shit treasures, so there was a lot to get rid of. Since moving back I have probably donated 10 bin bags of old clothes, books, pencils, toys etc.  To be fair I had 15 boxes arriving and needed to make space for my grown up belongings (read shoes and dresses) in my Swedish room…

My old room was made when my favorite colours were blue and purple, a far cry from my current pastel/black/grey obsession. Me and my mom slaved to paint those perfect stripes on the wall behind my desk and I loved it for years, but with the fussy curtains, the blue sofa bed and a multi-coloured carpet I started longing for a cleaner look.

My mother matched my old wall nicely. 

We started by sanding the walls down as there were edges from the layers of striped paint. This was then painted over a few times to avoid the colour shining through, then we wallpapered it once it had dried. Simple!

#ootd was my dad’s old silk skirt, a bag of  pink hair dye and an electric sander. You won’t see Rihanna pulling these daring new trends off!
 A glint of my old room, however not close to as cluttered and without the colourful carpet.
Disa was helpful as always, here watching some “silly hooman putting white on the wall”.
My dad hard at work putting wallpaper up. The light is so bad in my room he apparently needed a headtorch..
“Work harder.” 
I love the wallpaper I chose, it’s slightly pearlescent/silver/grey and has made my room a lot brighter.

 We searched for a good wallpaper for ages. I can get anxious and fussy when it comes to making long term decisions and this was a tough one! I was considering this beautiful wallpaper Mauritz from Sandberg. It looks like an old story book cover. In the end I felt the one I chose would work more in the long term as it was more discreet. I still catch myself admiring it a few months on so I know I made the right choice!

frida jonsson sketch

I plan to bring you a room update soon, mainly to show off all my cute recently thrifted knick knacks. I’ll leave you with another work in progress, a painting I sketched out but haven’t been able to choose a colour palette for. Hopefully this will spur me on!

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