Jackets x 3

These past few months have been hectic, with changes at work, long drives to Birmingham, Norwich and Horsham, as well as entrance exams, interviews and applications a plenty! A lot of things are still up in the air at the moment, but I thought I’d take a quiet moment and show you some items I’ve acquired (despite promises to try and save money for grown up stuff like mortgages..but I am trying out affiliate links to attempt some minor improvement to the dent in my savings account. ) Spring cleaning has reunited my tripod with it’s plate, so I’ve been able to pose like a crazy lady in my kitchen. It’s a good thing our house isn’t overlooked! 

Jacket No. 1 – The “Crazy Cat Lady”

This particular jacket was a lucky find from New Look, however you have to be prepared when you wear it out. Whenever I wear it I spot one of the following:
a) Rich old ladies with hideous patch-worked real fur coat
b) Women who has never been taught which colours don’t go together in garish limegreen/magenta/orange versions of this coat
c) Children in identical coats to mine
I still love it though!

Similar faux leopard print jackets available at Vero Moda, AsosBoutique Mara, and Free People

Jacket No. 2 – The “Warm Biker”

This was a find from today’s browse through the H&M sale racks. I’ve been wanting an everyday black wool jacket for a while, so was very pleased when I saw this at £15. 

Similar wool biker jacket available here: Christopher Kane and Lee

I found this tiny working chain belt today in a charity shop. It’s meant to be a waist-belt but it’s a bit small. I’m also wearing pendents from my childhood; a monogrammed “F” plate, and a hammer with a blue stone that you could only buy at the top of Blåhammaren (“The Blue Hammer”) mountain once you’d reached it by foot! 

Jacket No. 3 – The “Lacey Biker”

Another biker? To be fair, this is an old favorite from last year. I just love it so much I thought it deserved some screen time to show off my new shimmery jeans (Also an H&M find). 

Similar lace biker jackets available at  DKNYC, Oasis, Asos

Time for a big cuppa and some relaxing in the sofa with Gavin and Batman (who I will introduce to you soon…)

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