Floral, lacey dip dye details!

The previously mentioned snood and I, sans runny nose, but deep in thought.
H&M do damn good accessories..
..such as this cute bunny necklace!
My lacey top is from Topshop. So pleased I waited until it was in the sales as I had my eye on it when it was £38 but could not justify the cost. £20 is much more like it! 

My dip dyed hair which was purple for Halloween and is now looking more and more magenta. One of my guy friends said I looked “punky”. Sigh. I’m going to try and make it baby pink when this load of dye washes out! Notice my pack of tissues with my name on them. Frida is a toiletries brand in Sweden. Classy.

Until I can do a proper pin curl with my silly uneven bangs I’ll keep doing this weird swirly wave. It’s basically the long part in a pin curl with the shorter parts pinned round it. I think it looks quite snazzy if I do say so myself. 

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