Autumnal Days

These past few months I’ve found myself trying out new creative outlets, inspired by all the amazing bloggers and creative ladies on the internet! It started with a miniature copy of Charlotte Mei‘s ceramic toast as a fridge magnet. Those following me (@fridanoodle) on instagram will know what I’m on about. I then ventured into miniature animals, such as cats and badgers, inspired by the amazing Le Animale. I am currently attempting to create a version of my boyfriend and myself..and a tomato face inspired by the five tiny plum tomatoes that actually ripened from my four tomato plants!
                            An incredible sunset caught by Gavin from our garden; a rare sight these days.
A little friend that joined me from the garden one day. And a code I had to remember. It’s top secret. 

I’ve also taken up knitting, and have made a snood, and 1 and a half scarves, until I realized I probably have an allergy to wool! I’ve been sneezing for a few weeks straight, so some easy t-shirt DIY has given my nose a break. I saw this t-shirt on Asos and figured it would be fairly easy to make myself, although it was trickier than I remembered to use a felt tip fabric pen. I also made a cheesy tribute to my name, that way no one can steal my t-shirt. Not sure if I hate it or love it, but I might as well roll with it..

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