Frock ‘n’ Roll

About a week ago I stumbled into one of Reading’s only descent vintage stores; Frock & Roll. It’s a small shop located on my regular route between my house and the town center, so I have no excuse not to go in on a more regular basis! Prices vary around 12 – 30 odd pounds, but the quality definitely makes up for the higher prices. I have yet to find a piece of clothing with any defects. The shop is very cosy and it carries 50’s to 80’s clothing, all hand picked by the owners. It really is a lovely shop and the owner is very friendly and always ready to help out if you need some advice. Now, to my latest purchases!

First of all is this amazing 70s dress in an emerald green with blue, black and silver stripes. It fits incredibly due to the bias cut and the fitted waist. I am planning on wearing it when my brother leaves school next month. It reminds me a bit of the latest Prada collection too, which was scattered with stripes and bright colours.

This 60s dress was a bit pricier, but once I put it on I just had to have it! It has a velvet bodice, with a velvet ribbon fastened with a rhinestone belt. The skirt is made of this stripey gold, silver and black “furry” material. It’s hard to describe, but it is covered in threads, which gives it a really cool texture. I’m not quite sure when I will get a chance to wear it, but it’s pretty incredible. It makes me think of something Chanel would make, very classic but incredibly glamourous at the same time.

I am very happy with both dresses, and will definitely be stopping by Frock & Roll in the future!

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