Jonsson’s Jewellers

Yesterday I went down to the local Hobbycraft to see if anything caught my eye. This time it was the jewellery section, with it’s many sparkling beads and different clasps. I was instantly inspired, and collected a bit too many things in my basket. Some woman even came up asking if I could help her as I looked like I knew what I was doing! I had to tell her the truth, that I was really as lost as her, but figured it couldn’t be as hard as it looked.
When I got back I instantly knew what I wanted to make, which was a long galaxy inspired necklace with these blue sparkling beads and amazing gun metal star beads. I set to work with my new tools and was quite pleased with the results.

Long gun metal chain necklace/wrap-around bracelet with marcasite stars and blue goldstone beads.

I then gave bracelets a go. I am really happy with my double chain shooting star bracelet. It hangs really nicely and doesn’t look too homemade, which was my main concern when starting off.

Double chain, snowflake obsidian and marcasite shooting stars on chains
I also made a very simple red coral bracelet which works very nicely with a summer tan and a plain bikini. Now if I ever actually get a tan or venture out in a bikini is a whole other story!
Red coral bracelet with toggle clasp

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