Break Down, Down Time

Here’s a little break down of an outfit I wore about a month ago. I love this bow belt. I’ve been trying to find one similar to a bowtie for years. I spotted a couple on a street style blog where the woman had a navy belt similar to this one, and it started an obsession! I even tried to make one myself. It didn’t turn out as nice, but I still have it.
This jumper from Topshop is so lovely, but I was worried the gems would look a bit tacky. Thus the all black. These short sleeved jumpers aren’t very practical but I can’t help but fall for them. It’s similar to wearing cigarette pants/rolled up chinos with flats/brogues (blister alert); So pretty, and in some ways sensual. Like a dress flashing your lower back or a vintage jacket designed with sleeves designed to show off your jewellery, it just shows a bit of the vulnerable body.
p.s. I love the tiles in our bathroom, and can’t help but take pictures in there!

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