Wishful bidding

Here is my current ebay bid list:
1. Marcasite dress clip
– I love marcasite as a replacement for more sparkley stones. It always looks very classy and has the perfect vintage look to it. This dress clip is perfect for adding that special touch to a blazer pocket.
2. Marcasite “F” charm
– I am forever searching for initial jewellery. When Accessorize came out with a teensy sterling silver letter necklace I was heartbroken to find they didn’t even produce an “F” necklace. Apparently not enough people’s names start with an “F”. Hot chocolate and mint‘s Diana has an amazing set of initial rings which I can’t seem to find anywhere!
3. Gold tone amber pendant
– Amber goes so well with autumn shades, and I want to wear it with my elbow patch jumper (see next post) and my maroon maxi dress.
4. Amber ball claw pendant
– Thought this was pretty cool, and once again amber is such a nice colour for autumn.
5. Star brooch
– Vogue´s December Star issue has gotten into my head, especially after I lost my perfect golden star brooch on a night out. It was the cherry on top with my military jacket and I want a replacement. The one I am bidding on is much fancier, but I have pretty much given up on it as so many people are bidding.

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