Alexa Chung for Madewell. I know, it’s been around the blogosphere and back, but I have been on hiatus and want to have my say!

I love it. There are so many basics that I feel I have tried to find for years now without success. It’s depressing that Madewell doesn’t exist in the UK. As may others have said it consists of copies of those rare vintage gems you find every once in a while (or if you actually are Alexa probably every other day). I love the looks, especially the peter pan collar blouse and dresses, the tapered trouser and especially all the high waisted shorts looks.

The only problem is that the weather is only ever appropriate for about 2 days all autumn. Who actually wears short-shorts without tights? If it actually is that warm then you wouldn’t be wearing layers like scarves and cardigans. Maybe it’s just me who gets freakishly cold if my limbs aren’t covered to the same level…Alexa sure doesn’t seem to get cold with her super long and lean legs. She doesn’t even have the same protective fat layers most of us have ( on purpose to keep warm of course..)

Either way I will attempt to try ankle socks, rather than tights, with shorts, if only just to the shops to get more milk! And while we cannot get any of these pieces here, I’ll just get my designer-collaboration fix in November from Lanvin vs. H&M.

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