I know what I did last summer..

Around this time last year my housemates and I took a little trip to London, hung out in parks and fed some perplexed geese and ducks. I love summer, and I wish we had a large garden like in our last house. We used to bbq and have parties outside quite often. Our tiny “garden” in our current house doesn’t even have grass!

Me and Gavin also went to Brighton (note the weather was not quite as good..) last year. It was great fun though, one of my best mini-holidays ever. Brighton is one of my favorite cities in England, it’s so great and has something for everyone. I love going to Snooper’s Paradise to look around all the monitors for cool vinage finds.

In Brighton we stopped by a shop which has lots of international candy. I had to get this lemon flavoured blue kitkat. Upon trying it when we got back neither me, nor Gavin was impressed.
I hope that this summer will be just as great as last year, and it seems like it will be. Most of my friends have tickets for Reading Festival, and Gavin and I are going to visit France this week, and hopefully we will get to Sweden towards the end of summer. We might do some weekend trips to London, Brighton and random places in the UK too. This all depends on if we get good jobs of course haha!

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