Birthday Party!

For my animal themed 21st birthday party I dressed up as a dalmatian with my best friend Panda. Not many of the boys dressed up (as you can see in the first picture..) but a few did and it was all good fun anyways. I did manage to convince some of them to let me paint cat whiskers throughout the night though. I love costume parties and making costumes, and since it’s my last birthday as an undergraduate I figured I could still get away with it. One highlight was finding a monster in some left over guiness foam. Can you see it?

All in all it was a great night, I did pay the price the following day though. The last photo was at the end of the night. I wanted a photo with him, not sure why. I don’t even care that much about politics, he just has such a creepy smile. I heard they had to train him to learn how to smile. It shows.

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