Hello? Anyone out there?

It’s late at night. I keep thinking about an earthworm I saw today in the road. It made me think of when I was quite young and it rained. The following day I would go outside to play and find earthworms everywhere. My mom told me they came out because they liked the rain, but when it stopped raining and the sun started to dry the ground they would get lost. Many worms died because they never made it back to the moist earth. So I would run around picking these worms up and putting them back in the grass. To this day seeing a dried up worm on the side walk tugs at my heart strings.

On a different note, I was wondering about you guys. I mean I know there are some nice people that do read my blog and who do occasionally comment. But I think there are more of you out there. If it is just one single person it would be nice to hear a little bit about you.
Where are you from?
What do you want to do when you grow up?
(note: everyone can grow up more, no matter how old)
What are your interests?
What would you like to see more of on here?
What do you want less of?
What is your stand on worms in the street?

Whatever you want to tell me would be intersting. Although if it turns out I have no readers I would probably keep going. It feels nice to share things you are interested, even if it’s just an electronic diary. Sometimes a girl has to vent about these things, because trust me: living with mainly boys (and a girl would I never see) does not lead to many compliments on shades of nail varnish or a new hair do. Lovely as they are they are too busy playing Call of Duty or watching football, and even if they weren’t doing that they would never notice anyways. Most boys think fawn, beige and butterscotch are all just “brown”, right?

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  1. Gavin says: Reply

    You know who I am. But, i'm Gavin. I'm from Horsham. I want to be happy when I grow up, with a nice house, and an oversized anglepoise lamp.

    My interests currently include reading Swedish phrasebooks, watering cacti, drinking coffee and making flashing lights with the bottom of the computer mouse.

    On her, I want to see more photos of you out and about – your room is pretty, but the world is prettier.

    I want less of the gaps between posts.

    On the topic of worms, I used to get two of them and put them together, to try and make a really long worm. I knew about the cutting-in-half-and-surviving thing, and I thought it worked in reverse. I WILL make that superworm one day… xxx

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