Bad news for anyone who hates good news

Remember this? Well I painted it for a anthology a group of students at my uni were making. And guess what; it got picked! My friend said it was one of the favorites and it was one of the top choices to be in it. “It” being a friggin’ book! I’m just ecstatic right now, even dissertation problems can’t bring me down! I never thought I would have a painting published in a book. What a dream come true! The book is going to be called “Sqib” after one of the poems inside, and I think it’ll be out in some bookshops by summer. I’m definietly getting my hands on a copy, and if it is reasonably priced, perhaps one for the parentals. Btw I am working on a few more paintings, and have a few mini-ones completed. I will post them all when I have a bit more time for painting. I am also considering re-starting my comic blog (if you click on my profile you will see I have two blogs) after some pure middle of the night crazy was scribbled down on a scrap paper last night.

To sum up everything I am feeling right now: Woop!

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