Lost in space

In the beginning of December I purchased this top from Topshop to celebrate having gotten through all my tough essays in time. Unfortunatley it did not arrive by the time I had to leave for Sweden, even though a package with lesser items arrived despite being ordered 2 days later. Now, I figured it would simply arrive late while I was away. Imagine my shock when it hadn’t arrived in January when I came back from Sweden. I really, really, really want it. I called topshop who said they would send and email to the courier who would let me know what had happened. This did not happen. So I waited a week for that email, but finally called again. This time they said they had to record of me even calling so nothing had been done!

To end a long story; I find out by tomorrow morning if I definietly will not recieve this silk, sequin spotted clown collared mint green dream. To be worn with poofy skirts as much as with jeans. To be laughed in, danced in, creative in and to definietly suffer some wear and tear. Perhaps a drop of wine, or a hole from a snag by a tree. Perhaps some mascara ridden tears would stain the collar, but then equal parts laughter would bubble up from the poofyness. Let’s just say my fingers are crossed.

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