Frivilous whimsical wishes

Here is a collection of whimsical things I love but can never have.

I have considered making my own sea cookie brooch but I would have to find a mini-LED and battery holder. Also the necklace which releases soft sparkley dust from the mother of pearl shell is so amazing. I want to make one, but I need a teensy drill and a tiny funnel! The real spiderweb necklace is incredible. I also love the watch belt, it’s genius! It reminds me of a photo I once found on Stockholm Street Style of a girl with a massive bowtie belt over her trench coat. And it was a proper bowtie too, not just a girl bow!

Sea cookie brooch, pussy willow earrings, powder shell necklace (comes with a miniature funnel to refill the dust with) by Stephaniesimek. Watch belt by Kirrily Johnston (found on Studdedhearts). Spider web necklace by Dollybirddesign. The galaxy quilt is by Stellarquilts. Fake fox stole from TV AW10 (found on Studdedhearts). I can unforunatley not remember the name of the etsy maker of the frilly collar.

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