Pale pastel party

These pictures have been posted everywhere and everyone knows since the Giles show, pastel hair is the new craze. I love the idea of having a few streaks of pale lilac in my hair, and I especially love it on blondes. I think I am going to be painting something with colourful hair as it was a while since I last did that.

I have actually had a wide range of hair colours in my day, and I had pink streaks on my old high school ID card. I have also had blonde, dark brown and red hair, and cherry red tips. Good times. But these days I stick to my natural colour as growing out dyed hair is a pest. I have been juggling with the idea of doing a semi-permanent dye job to go back to my reddish hair for a bit. It’s actually good for you hair rather than a more damaging permanent dye job. Either that or I might get some fake pastel hair extensions for those days when you need a boost.

I must confess, I don’t like Blythe dolls. They scare me a bit. I don’t get the obsession with them, or the mass photo collection of them on flickr. Why is taking pictures of dolls so popular? Anyways, these dolls had such loverly hair that I had to include it.

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