A process

You may recall a sketch I posted a while back. Well, late last night I finlly completed this painting which I am really proud of. I am submitting it to an creative arts anthology for our University so I put alot of effort into it. I thought I would show the process of this piece. The model it was based on was Julia Hafström, and the photo I used was the second one. The first one shows her actual skintone, hair, eye colour etc., but as I painted it from the black and white I made my own colour choices and a few changes. Because of this the final girl does not really resemble real life Julia at all.

The vintage cloak was on one of those cool etsy blogs, but I cannot for the life of me remember which. If you recognize it, let me know and I can link to it! Either way I found it incredible and I instantly wanted to use it in a painting. I ended up make a few changes, by increasing the scalloped edge, so it almost looks like armour.

I hope you like the process of my work.

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