Late night confessions

Doutzen Kroes teddy photoshoot. I love it then, and I love it now.
I thought I would take this as a chance to officially introduce you to the two gentlemen I spend every night with. Judge if you must, but I still have teddies.

Bearemy is a build-a-bear I got from Gavin for my first birthday together with him. When you squeeze his chest his heart beats. It helps when you are the lonliest you ever could be, late at night to give him a hug.

Nalle is my oldest teddy bear whom I got when I was born. I actually had two different favorite teddies when I was a child. A seal named Sälman and a squirrel named Kurre. I lost Sälman in Sweden when I was quite small and Kurre in China when I was about 7. I cried for weeks after Kurre. He was like my best friend. When I came back to Sweden I found Nalle, amongst the sea of stuffed animals on my bed. I used to sleep with all of them in my bed since I was scared of upsetting one of them. Picking Nalle over the rest was difficult, silly as it might seem. But now I bring him everywhere, he is always smooshed in my bag/suitcase/backpack when I go somewhere.

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