I have a new house, which means that I have no internet. All work and not internet makes Frida a dull girl. Well, the point of insanity hasn’t quite been reached as I have escaped the lonely new house (just me for a week) to stay at Gavin’s house for a few days. After that it should be alright as I am meeting some friends, then it’s off to Sweden again for august.

Falling, originally uploaded by balloons and bowties (my flickr)
I can’t wait to sit in Stockholm and dip my feet in the fresh water. And we are spending some time at our summer house in Oskarshamn which means lots of swimming in “skargarden”, clambering on the slanted rock shore to get out of the water, but jumping back in just the same. A proper summer will be nice after spending days locked in my room watching Mad Men and various films I had on my computer pre-internet loss. I will however miss Gavin as he is staying in England to work. He will however pop round towards the end of August, which will be amazing!

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