Room Raid

Two mini-paintings (in sketchbook) – one on music paper, one of Louise Brooks poster

Also some pictures around my room of my favorite framed things. The game machine was 5 quid but so worth it, never managed to win at these until now. The rabbit is lilleskutt the fastest rabbit in the world and my hero from Bamse.

The couple under the umbrella was a painting me and Gavin bought when we went to Paris. A little love souvenir from Montmarte (the teddy is a pin). The woman who painted it said “the lovers for some lovers”.

Clockwise from left: Mini print by caitlin quiet (etsy), Cat (2nd hand), Pink card caitlin quiet, Owl (Present from Gavin), Silver frame (caitlin quiet), Big frame (caitlin quiet print on music paper from ebay), Medium frame (Present from Gavin). The photo of me and Gavs pretty much defines us as a couple 😀

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