Happy New Year!

New Years was spent at an old friend’s new apartment. It was great fun, several classmates from all over the place where there (one from California even!) I also wrote some resolutions around christmas. I got spongebob colouring pencils from my brother and had to use them.

I found this cool picture of Cory Kennedy. She may do nothing but dress weird for a living, but she has the ability to look awesome in photos. Either way I had to draw it, so I did a quick drawing last night. It also made me want to try out yellow eyeshaddow. But when has anyone ever just had yellow eyeshaddow? I had to go for paint. It looked pretty crazy, but I think it might just work.. People will look at me funny but who cares.

Last painting of 2008. I didn’t like how the cat turned out..

A page from my mini doodle/scrap book. Used some of the packages I got from Ebay (2008 = first started using Ebay; got addicted) Oh and that’s my old adress in students halls, so don’t bother sending any poison/ninjas/axe-murders/chanel bags there.

Some christmas presents…(other than my awesome new Panasonic camera)
Fork bracelet

Two spider related gifts (hinting that I should get rid of my arachnophobia perhaps?)

I also made woolly shorts out of an old woollen skirt my mom gave me from the 80s. It worked suprisingly well..

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  1. geez.. you are sooo talented!!
    love those paintings.. im adding ur link to my blog..

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