Woolly Knickers

Why is it so hard to find knitted shorts? I’ve spent like an hour trying to find them online, and looked through most shops twice. I swear I saw some in H&M once. But it’s not the most common item of clothing, and if I were to finally find some they would probably look horrible. I’ve really wanted some to wear with my new mint green tights from H&M, or with my pale pink suspender belt underneath and some white or light grey thigh highs.

So far these are the only ones I’ve managed to find. The dark blue from Fremont at 80sPurple.com and they have the cable knit I like in Susiebubble‘s, but at $56 they are a bit too pricey for me. The mocha and cream ones are from Hush. These are cheaper at £ 29.30, but don’t look at old and sweet as I want them too. Also the photo with the model makes the shorts look lilac, which I would higly prefer to the mocha color. I might have to make my own out of this old knitted skirt my mom gave me. Which is risky buisness…

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