As I am going home to Sweden in a few days I decided to look into Monki’s new collection to see all the nice clothes I am going to want to buy but not afford to. Well, atleast one or two of these babies are coming home with me, but we’ll see which are left when I get there. I’ve been looking for mesh tops on ebay for ages, so I hope that long sleeved one is reasonably priced and exists in one of the two stores I go to.

I’m really excited to go to Sweden, the charity shops are calling out my name. I went to the Cancer Research one the other day and got a really nice skirt. I’ll post a picture of it later. I also recieved a very funky and hard to pull of pair of shorts from ebay yesterday. Those too will be in my next post, I hope I dare to wear them sometime. I wish I had 999 kr to spare for a pair of leather MC boots.

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