Preparing for V

So I’ve been trying to pack for the V festival. It’s hard because it’s my first festival, so I have no idea what to pack, but also because I am going with my boyfriend and I’m meeting 9 of his friends, 8 for the first time. But atleast I have Panda to get me through.

Why I love Panda:
I’m so happy my first one is with you.
Fridalol that sounded dodge
Pandadon’t forget the horsegimp outfit
oh yes and the yeti one
i am the DEVIRGINATORFrida
Our first is at the Virgin FestivalFridait’s meant to be
Pandabe gentle

BTW the pictures are of the horse gimp and yeti outfits in question:
Don’t worry, we’re not freaks..just a bit odd

I have packed my new primani wellies, lots of 8p chicken noodles, wet wipes, hand sanitizer and home made cat ears. Because I like being a cat. I must not forget earplugs! I get paranoid I’ll get tinitus sometimes..not cool.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Kings of Leon, and in secret, Muse who are my boyfriend’s obsession. I can’t wait! When I return there will be lots of pictures, and hopefully one of my paintings will be done (the long haired one).

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