Hello again. So today I got round to taking some photos of things I’ve made and bought recently. I was a bit bad today and after taking my loverly boyfriends to the station I walked around and felt sad so I bought two things to cheer myself up with..even though I am dirt poor at the moment.

I bought this bag from accessorize, even thought I’ve bought about 2 things from there in my life because I find it expensive. This bag just had such a lovely grey tone and the flowers were too perfect a design and the colors were just right.

I also bought these denim shorts from H&M (worn here with cat t-shirt from Zara) because I have two pairs, one doesn’t sit right and the others were bought as a joke. Panda and I called them booty shorts and after laughing at ourselves in the mirror for ages we bought them. As that is the logical thing to do.

These are my new shoes from Primani. I didn’t mean to buy shoes here, it was just they are really comfy, 4 pounds and they are those white shoes I’ve wanted but never found the right model of. These ones have more of a rounder toe which I like and they make even my pale legs look tan!

I bought a tuxedo shirt at a charity shop as well, it was like 4 pounds but it was so crispy white I wanted it. I’ve always wanted one but they can be pricey in Stockholm’s charity shops. I will of course wear it with leggings or trousers (wearing the new shorts under in the pictures)

I was in boots the other day and bought these three items: Mascara, Lip Tint and Nail Polish. The nail polish has been chipping really easily, the mascara is a bit water intolerant and tends to smudge by the end of the day but the lip tint is amazing. I don’t really like lipstick, (never the right colour, too dark, too shimmery) and lipgloss always tastes funky and my hair gets stuck in it. But this lip tint is just what I’ve been looking for. It has a watery consitency and it just tints your lips, so if you want shine you can just put on some lip balm. It’s so practical cuz it stays for quite some time.

Working the liptint

I’ve been drawing a bit, got lots of painting to do soon. I hate spiders btw, and just when I finished that tarantula (slightly better cuz they have fur) I went to do the dishes and found two mahoosive spiders in the corner by our door. I freaked and in the end my housemate only got rid of one..the other hid..which means it’s still here. *shudder*

I’ve bought some things on Ebay as well, real jewellery. I’ve bought a ruby and silver bracelet, a black sapphire and gold bracelet and necklace and a emerald and gold necklace. I like them..

Finally, some things I have made lately:
3 bows, 1 bow hair clip and one pom pom bracelet

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  1. I really love your drawings!

  2. aw thank you :)

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