Factory Girl and Cory Kennedy

I’m fascinated with Andy Warhol, and I’ve been dying to get a book about him but they’re so expensive. Anyways, I just saw ‘Factory Girl’ with Sienna Miller. I thought it was a good movie but it felt like it could have followed her life more closely. This movie was more of a collection of outtakes of her life in chronologial order. It never really felt like a continous sequence of events.. Oh well I’m not a critic but it was still good though.
I really don’t mind Sienna Miller, i personally think she dresses really cool, I love that she started following the trends Edie made in real life while filming it. It wasn’t well appreciated by others(granny panties + opaque tights incident..), but I love the 60s look.

Some stillshots from the movie. Looove the dress and the sequin shirt/dress

I think in a way Cory Kennedy is like an Edie Sedgwick of the internet. She’s the muse of TheCobrasnake. I am in no way comparing him to Andy Warhol, and I realize Cory is just a 17 year old rich girl who enjoys underaged drinking and bad food. But she is a style icon, dressing in ways that normal people probably can’t/won’t pull off or even think of. I love some of her outfits, and when I hate the outfit I still love her for wearing something so crazy.

Cory is the shit, even though I know she is supposed to be a pretentious brat I will simply think of the parts of her I like. Sarah Morrison however..I have not yet learnt to appreciate considering that the first I heard of her was from herself talking about how she reacted to all these people supposedly wanting to be her. I just got the whole “full of herself” impression..

my brother and his wife got me the most awesome gift.

I really wanted this, and I didn’t even tell anyone, so that was cool. Oh and funny thing, when I was looking for a picture of this book I got this picture:

Well tomorrow is my big party, hopefully I will enjoy it and not get TOOOO drunk..but still very drunk. haha today I also got to drink in front of my parents..which was weird. It’s just awkward to do it, since you should act like you’ve never done it before and don’t enjoy it. The beer went down easy, it was the snaps that was icky..so that was real atleast haha. My mom was like “Stop squirming, you’re an adult now. Are we supposed to not treat you like one?”
I guess I’m a woman now….

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