This weekend i’ve made some stuff and taken stupid wannabe model pictures, all to avoid doing actual work for exams. I am screwing not only myself, but my
future self :/

But it’s ok, cuz I made this super cute bag out of this fabric I got from a second hand store. it turned out really nice, it even has a pocket and inner lining :)

I also made a green bag, just now actually. This model is sooo easy to make, just using like 2 pieces of fabric, one folded for the sides and one smaller for the bottom.

This is a bag that I “pimped” before. I just got lots of brooches and buttons and glued stuff on. I love the end result, it looks really cute.

Used to be the collar of a t-shirt that I made into a bracelet with silver string

I felt like an urban hippie

Peace // Frida

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