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I’m Frida and this is my “blog”. Yes this is a blog, get over it. I like fashion, shiney things and collecting stuff I don’t need. This will be on this blog. Well mainly outfits, rants, model-worshiping, possibly some art and lots of stupid and awesome purchases. (mainly stupid though)

Well any hoo today I went to st. eriksplan since my friend needed to change her tongue piercing to a smaller one.
We saw this awesome store which claimed it could teach you how to juggle. The concept of this rather large store was simply juggling. We must take them up on this offer later…

So spare time in town always leads to…second hand store fuuuun. Now, I have had ALOT of fun in second hand stores, especially during that period where we had to get CAS points for school (community action service) and we volunteered at one every now and then. We like to try on crazy outfits, but today it was mainly my friend Panda who tried on the crazy things. Today she was a virgin seductress and a pilot inspector.I personally was lily allen/crazy cinderella. (that is pregnant???)

And then I tried a nice beige dress on, which was too small. It unfortnatley made me crave a nude shift dress. Damn that 60 kr dress for being too tight in the sleeves..(is it called sleeves when it has no..sleeves…?)

Oh and I had to prove a point to a friend who wanted me to choose who looked best as a lady bug. Clearly I am the winner of that race.

I was however saved from a day of rage of beige dress sizes thanks to the fact that I found this AWESOME shirt I have wanted to buy from threadless for a whopping 25 kr. And it seemed brand new and fit like a glove! I want so many tees from threadless.com but I am too poor. actually, that’s a lie cuz I can afford those shirts I’m just deathly afraid of buying things online. Don’t know why..I don’t get to touch the things and try them on…freaky.

My mom got me this awesome mug for me randomly before…it’s a sumo wrestler!! I love my crazy family.

Ok I got toooons of pics to upload later, including turbans and moulin rouge graduations party bathroom pictures…yay

Going to bed now, *insert catchy catch frase here*

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